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There are multiple options available to you if you need to reserve a subsequent ticket in order to fulfill admission requirements or apply for a visa:
Travel agencies online (OTAs): You may find and reserve onward flights using well-known online travel agents like Expedia, Kayak, or Skyscanner. These websites let you filter results according to your tastes and provide a large selection of flight possibilities.
Directly with Airlines: You can make direct reservations for subsequent flights by visiting airline websites or contacting customer support. Numerous airlines have flexible booking choices, such as the possibility to make bookings without paying in full right away.

Services for Booking Temporary Flights: Certain services offer bookings or itineraries for flights that are meant to be temporary, especially for the purpose of applying for a visa.
Although the reservation produced by these providers appears to be a legitimate ticket, it is not. Rent-A-Flight, Fly Onward, and Best Onward Ticket are a few examples.
Travel Agents: Online or local travel agencies may help with the reservation of subsequent flights. They can assist you in selecting flights that meet your preferences and in making reservations.
Ticketing Offices: To make reservations for subsequent flights, go in person to airline ticketing offices or travel agents. If you would rather speak with a travel agent in person to discuss your options, this option can be quite useful.

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