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In order to ensure the continuity and smoothness of materials during the processing of organic fertilizer processing equipment, each equipment in the main flow shall be started one by one... Read More

The organic wastes used in the organic fertilizer equipment are mainly corrosive substances, so we must use closed trucks when collecting and transporting these wastes. These organic wastes easily emit... Read More

Automatic control refers to small organic fertilizer production equipment and production process, which are operated according to logical operation and single degree according to process requirements. According to the rules... Read More

Use the Folomie compartment storage box to store your items, you can quickly and neatly store your items, making your items easier to find! Sincere, caring, outstanding professionalism and love... Read More

Organic fertilizer not only contains ingredients that are extremely beneficial to crop growth, but also has a fine production process, raw material selection (animal manure, etc.), drying and sterilization, seasoning... Read More

Common fertilizer production lines include organic fertilizer production lines, npk production line, and bio organic fertilizer production. Then, organic fertilizer production equipment has accelerated the development of farms, because... Read More

General organic fertilizer production process of commercial organic fertilizer: The general production process of commercial organic fertilizer includes: organic material inoculation fermentation, main fermentation, crushing, compounding and mixing, drying,... Read More

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The organic fertilizer production roughly includes two links: pre-fermentation and post-granulation. Organic fertilizer production equipment includes: fermentation turning machine, crusher, feeder, horizontal mixer, organic fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler,... Read More