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About Us

Bookmarks2U uses a form of tagging, which allows users to mark websites they want to bookmark with a keyword similar to how hashtags work in Twitter. Bookmarks2U allow social media managers to specifically target the information they want to see, curate and share. Bookmarks2U helps to collect set of resources to share with friends and colleagues; anyone can participate in social bookmarking.

These bookmarks are public, and viewed by other members of the site where they are stored. In many cases, users can also comment or vote on bookmarked items.

Bookmarks2U is useful to marketers because users can add, annotate, and share bookmarked web pages with their team. Bookmarks2U site on which Internet users share their web pages, articles, blog posts, images, and videos. Bookmarks2U is a user-defined taxonomy system for bookmarks.

Adding social bookmark links to your blog or web site makes it easy for readers to save and share your content, and therefore for others to find it.

Bookmarks2U is an online service, which allows you to create and publicly share website bookmarks with other members of a community by simply tagging a web page with a web-based tool so you can easily access it later. Bookmarks2U helps you to get whatever information you are searching for on the web. You can narrow down your search and find exactly what you are looking for.

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