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We pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of Methyl Chavicol, also known as estragole, an aromatic compound widely used in various industries including fragrance, flavoring, and pharmaceuticals. With our... Read More

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Meta-cresol, also known as 3-methylphenol, is a chemical compound with the formula C7H8O. It is one of the three isomeric cresols, along with ortho-cresol and para-cresol. Meta-cresol is a colorless... Read More

VDH is trusted brand name of Para Chloro Meta Cresol Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. Para Chloro Meta Cresol (PCMC) is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C8H8ClOH.... Read More

We are leading a Anethole Oil Manufacturers in India. Anethole oil is a natural essential oil derived from certain plants, most notably anise, fennel, and star anise. It is chemically... Read More

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