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Hydroponics Market Share, Growth and Analysis 2030

In the agriculture sector, the hydroponics market registered a strong slowdown in sales during the first quarter of 2020 due to disrupted logistics and transportation. The hydroponics market has also... Read More

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Market to be Worth $176.4 Billion by 2031

Personalized therapy is an emerging practice of medicine that uses an individual's genetic profile to guide decisions made regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Personalized therapy is revolutionizing... Read More

Pea Protein Isolate Market Worth $542.9 Million by 2029

Nutritionally, pea protein isolates are an excellent source of lysine, antifungal bioactive peptides, and dietary lectins with health-promoting properties. Pea protein contains all the essential amino acids and helps improve... Read More

Second-life EV Batteries Market to be Worth $20.25 Billion by 2030

Improper battery disposal can have significant environmental impacts. Batteries contain various chemicals and metals that can be harmful to the environment if they leach into the soil or water. Efforts... Read More

Nut Ingredients Market to Reach $10.2 Billion by 2030

With food security challenges, the vegan food trend is gaining traction and will continue to evoke interest in the upcoming years. Food demand, therefore, should increase proportionally or even more... Read More

Industrial Batch Mixers Market for Food Industry Worth $974.1 Million by 2029

The industrial batch mixers market for the food industry was significantly impacted due to changes in consumer behavior, low production, and dependency on end-use markets. However, organizations increased their investments... Read More

India Rubber Products Market for Civil Construction Industry Worth $311.2 million by 2029

Rubber is highly elastic and durable, remaining flexible even when exposed to a wide range of temperatures. Rubber also exhibits water resistance, thermal and electrical insulation, movement and vibration absorption... Read More

Liquid Botanical Extracts Market Worth $5.25 Billion by 2029

Researchers are working on various medicinal plant extracts to fight COVID-19 throughout the globe. For instance, in February 2020, the Department of Thai Traditional Medicine and Government Pharmaceutical Organization of... Read More

Location Intelligence Market to be Worth $67.5 Billion by 2030

Similar to big brands and multi-store chains, several brick-and-mortar retailers are also implementing location intelligence solutions into their product offerings to provide insights regarding customers spending behavior to boost retail... Read More

Asia-Pacific Dental Consumables Market to be Worth $15.99 Billion by 2030

Dental disorders and conditions, including edentulism, dental carries, periodontal diseases, and malocclusion, pose a significant health burden. The increasing prevalence of these disorders drives the demand for dental treatments and... Read More