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Yoga Day Celebration In Dwarka

The impact of our Yoga Day celebration in Delhi is far-reaching. By introducing yoga into the lives of economically weaker families, our NGO empowers individuals with tools to enhance their... Read More

Top NGOs Senior Citizens In Dwarka Delhi

Durga Saptashati Senior Citizens NGO in Dwarka is a shining example of an organisation that recognises the transformative power of education and works tirelessly to ensure that underprivileged children have... Read More

Cultural Programmes In Dwarka Delhi

Our foundation aims to uproot illiteracy in Delhi. That’s why we approach this problem with a holistic overview. One of the main aspects of it is cultural literacy. Therefore, we... Read More

Kids Education In Dwarka Durga Saptashati

Durga Saptashati NGO in Dwarka believes in the power of skill development to empower women. As one of the top NGOs working for women in Dwarka, our commitment to empowerment,... Read More

Durga Saptashati Best Livelihood NGO In Delhi

Durga Saptashati Foundation, where individuals are committed to creating a safer and more secure environment for people of all ages and backgrounds in Dwarka and Delhi. We offer various programs... Read More

Covid 19 Products In Dwarka Delhi

Everyone across the globe was affected by Covid 19 products In dwarka. It spared no one. But it was worse for poor people, daily wage workers, underprivileged children, senior citizens... Read More