Your right to privacy is their highest selling product

Facebook wants to bring people together. Google wants to make search more friendly. Amazon wants to make available everything at your doorstep. Jio wants everything available under one platform. Newsrooms want to ensure all the best news reach you, sitting at home. Websites and apps want to provide the best information to you, just a click or tap away. Even the government wants to merge and simplify your identities – one card for everything. “We are making the world simpler for you” – that’s what the technological advancements promise when they bring up something new. It is strange that in a commercial era where even social workgroups can’t be run without funding, the global conglomerates are providing services free of cost – Facebook, Google, Amazon, Jio, News channels, Websites, Mobile Apps, etc. Ever wondered how these corporates are able to not only meet their expenses but also become the most profitable ventures in the world?

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