Which shop in Mumbai has the best paithani sarees collection?

If you want to buy paithani sarees online shopping in Mumbai, then I suggest Om Paithani shop they provide nice traditional as well as fashionable sarees for your needs. It's Near Laxmi Mandir Yeola Bharam Road, Maharashtra 423401. There are a few awesome shops like the paithani saree shop in Mumbai in this area. In these shops, you can find any type of saree for any age group. Also, the cost of sarees will be more affordable than if you buy from other shops. The gorgeous original paithani sarees in Mumbai, which established the best fashion trends in unique and distinctive regions, are the most significant differences. women participate in several celebrations while wearing the distinctive paithani dupatta In Mumbai. Pure paithani sarees in Mumbai have become both a cultural staple and one of the newest fashion trends in recent years.