What are the benefits of SQL Server Cloud Hosting

In the past, we used to see the SQL Server database hosted in a physical server. Mostly these servers were inside client premises. The database was kept in one location or multiple locations. But, today, SQL server cloud hosting platforms are more reliable, flexible, and secured. The maintenance cost is comparatively low. Most of the time the vendor manages the servers for the cloud hosting.

Products Available in The Market for SQL Server Cloud Hosting

Followings are the popular products available in the industry:

Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon Web Services.
Cloud SQL for SQL Server Hosting.
Microsoft Azure Server for SQL Database Hosting.

Advantages of SQL Server Cloud Hosting

Hosting an SQL server database on the cloud allows instant access of data from anywhere anytime.
The company will not have to invest in hardware and software for maintaining cloud servers or SQL databases. They will also be able to cut down the cost of hiring an IT professional.
The overhead cost will be very less for maintaining the database.
No need to maintain on-premise hardware that reduces security threat to the database.
Cloud computing technology allows uniform and secure access to database resources.

Disadvantages of SQL Server Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting service features may vary extensively depending on the vendor you choose.
As the SQL database server is completely on the cloud, the businesses will have less control over the data.
Companies may need to subscribe to more than one hosting platform to have one backup server.
Hosting an SQL database also could limit user access to the server because you get a fixed subscription. You may need to upgrade your subscription as your user grows in number.

Wrapping Up

SQL Server Cloud Hosting offers great potential to IT companies as they need to maintain large databases. AES Cloud Hosting offers you the best cloud hosting services as you migrate your SQL server from on-premise to the cloud.

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