Use of Laser Range Module for Extra Long Ranges

Laser range modules emit a pulse of light to the target objects and identify the reflection. The meter measures the time between targets and converts it into a distance. However, the speed of the light is 300,000km per second to determine the differences of 1 cm. The laser range module measures the time of the array of billionths of a second. Our technology is well established and trustworthy. A laser range module can distance of up to 30m with an accuracy of E3mm.

A laser distance meter is accurate within a few distances up to millimeters and equally a tape for more considerable distances.

The laser distance meter is faster than tape. The target is accomplished in just a few minutes. Needless to access the far end of the measurement range, only the laser light has to do that. So, for this reason, you don’t need to worry about obstacles on the ground or cables. If there is a line of spectacle to your object, and it is within an array, you can quickly detect how far away it is.

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