Transforming Solar Installation: PEG’s Advanced Substructure by Jurchen Technology India.

Jurchen Technology solar mounting structures feed to a range of requirements, be it domestic, plant rooftops or permanently installed panels and at least fixing panels at home. Designed and manufactured in India with German engineering, our Made in India solar structures for panel underpinning are manufactured locally, icing quality and cost- effectiveness. Explore our range, including drum chalet structures and ground mounting results, and a competitively price of at Rs3.00 * per watt for the Solar Panel mounting. * Subject to type of Installation, position and enviromental conditions.
There are various types of solar mounting structures, including:
Ground Mounts: These are structures installed on the ground, typically in open areas or fields. Ground mounts can be fixed or adjustable to optimize the angle of the solar panels for maximum sunlight exposure.
Roof Mounts: Roof mounts are designed to be installed on rooftops of buildings or other structures. They come in different forms to accommodate various types of roofs, such as flat roofs, pitched roofs, or tile roofs.
Pole Mounts: Pole mounts are installed on poles or vertical structures, often used for off-grid solar systems or in locations where ground or roof mounting is not feasible.
Floating Mounts: Floating solar mounting structures are installed on bodies of water, such as lakes, reservoirs, or ponds. They allow solar panels to float on the water's surface, providing renewable energy without taking up land space.
The design of a solar mounting structure depends on factors such as the location, terrain, wind conditions, snow loads, and local regulations. It's essential to choose the appropriate mounting system to ensure the stability, longevity, and efficiency of the solar PV system.
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