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Transactional SMS Service In Mumbai

Transactional SMS Service In Mumbai

Submitted by • February 4, 2020

Transactional Short Message Service (SMS)s is a template-based SMS that an organization uses to send its contacts, information, regarding its product or service.
Such messages are non-marketing automated text messages that companies/universities or any organization sends to a concerned person, to inform him/her about something relevant, such as order confirmations welcome text messages, and shipping updates. Transactional SMS carry information and are not sent with the purpose of marketing. A common instance is an SMS sent by a Bank to the account holder telling them about the balance detail of their bank account.
Adapting the system, of delivering transactional SMS in Mumbai has certain notable perks. In the present scenario, people are habituated to short and simple text messages. Likewise, transactional SMS are quick and convenient ways to pass on the particulars that the receivers are concerned about. It is a convenient medium.

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