TIL-based Therapies Market by Target Indications

Over time, the clinical success of several TIL-based immunotherapy candidates, have inspired numerous research groups across the world, to focus their efforts on this relatively novel class of anti-cancer therapies. Post 2014, the interest in T-cell therapies, including those involving TILs, has grown exponentially. Moreover, a substantial body of evidence favoring the therapeutic benefits of TIL-based therapies, has prompted the establishment of numerous strategic partnerships (focused on therapy development and clinical research) and caused several public and private investors to put in significant capital into innovator companies involved in this domain. Promising clinical results, and ongoing technical developments, coupled to the growing interest of biopharmaceutical developers, are anticipated to enable the rapid progression of pipeline candidates into higher phases of development and eventually, into the market. We are led to believe that the global TIL-based therapies market is poised to witness significant growth in the foreseen future.

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