The standard method to play the E minor guitar chord

em harmony

On this page, you'll figure out how to play the Em guitar harmony, where to put your fingers, and how to practice and cooperate.

The most effective method to PLAY THE EM CHORD

The E minor harmony is perhaps the simplest harmony to learn, and quite possibly the most widely recognized minor harmonies to play. You just need two fingers.

Spot your second finger on the fifth string at the subsequent fret.

Then, at that point, place your third finger on the fourth string at the subsequent fret.

Play each of the six strings.

You might be asking yourself "would i be able to utilize my initial two fingers all things being equal?".

However, there is a motivation behind why a few group like to utilize their subsequent two fingers—by leaving your first finger accessible, you'll make some simpler memories changing to other harmony shapes close by, similar to C major, A minor, or D major.

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