The perfect diary loose powder evaluation

In order to solve the problem that makeup products tend to darken, Perfect Diary worked with the Chemical Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to upgrade the makeup technology. After hundreds of formula adjustments and experimental research and development, it finally broke the oxidation problem. The "Pearl" powder anti-oxygen color locking version innovatively adopts the [high-purity anti-oxygen formula], which is specialized in the research of star anti-oxygen ingredient – fullerene, which is refined in gold concentration, and improves the ability to resist makeup darkening by 67%. At the same time, the natural active gardenia extract is added to effectively resist oil rancidity and yellowing, and avoid makeup darkening and discoloration. With the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences' patented technology research and development of makeup locking ingredients, the active micro-embedded structure was built, and the anti-oxygen ingredient Smaro Blue TM was jointly developed, which enhanced the ability of directional adsorption of excess oil on the skin, maintained the integrity of the base makeup for a long time, and strengthened the anti-oxygen performance of powder powder. The texture is as fine as fog, the powder is more smooth and extended, naturally conceals pores, presents clean and clear "natural good skin", carefully takes care of the details of the bottom makeup, and provides consumers with the best lasting experience of fixing makeup.