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4K UHD Projector | UHD51A 4K Home Cinema Projector

Movie fans can now enjoy impressive 4K UHD cinema quality images in their own home with the launch of a new home projector from Optoma UHD51A. Along with 4K crystal... Read More

P1 PRO | Home Cinema Projector | Optoma India

Featuring 4K UHD resolution and premium Dolby Digital 2.0 audio, Optoma P1 PRO offers the ultimate cinematic experience like no other. The ultra short throw technology allows you to enjoy... Read More

4K UHD Projector | UHD50X 4K Home Cinema Projector

Behold for the fastest projector on earth! Featuring the lightning-fast refresh rate and the low input lag, UHD50X is the world’s first 240Hz projector, perfectly quenching your desire for the... Read More

Tender project & procurement Projectors models for corporate, education tender projects and procurement.Optoma is Manufacturer of DLP home cinema, business and education, professional installation projectors, NuForce earphones, projection screens and accessories.... Read More

Big ideas in small spaces. When you need a large-screen projection in a small space, select an ultra short throw projector from Optoma. Our projectors offer clean, crisp viewing from... Read More

Choose a brighter future. Whether you’re outfitting an office or a school, Optoma offers the right projectors to meet every budget. Easy-to-install solutions, interactivity for hands-on learning and collaboration, along... Read More

See the big picture. Large room or small, Optoma fits your home theater plans—and your budget. Dive into exciting thrillers, touching romances, epic documentaries, sporting events and other HD media... Read More