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In today’s current economic climate, the housing market has been in a volatile phase which makes the use of top-notch digital technologies like real estate APIs even more important in order to find opportunities. Profiting from present-day digitalization requires leveraging mobile and web solutions to properly manage real estate online, whether it involves purchasing, investing, selling, processing, renting, or investing.

When striving to find business deals that close, decision-makers in the property market should seriously think about designing an online system to capture and close leads. Therefore, their job is to identify the sources that receive the most timely and complete information on housing. Among the variety of possible options, the smartest one would be to leverage dedicated real property data APIs. What an API really means
Before we get dig into describing real estate API and how valuable they can be to anyone in the real estate business vertical, let’s explore what such a Zillow API refers to and why you actually need it.

An API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is an IDX technology that is used to transfer property listing data from an MLS to a synced website. It has been long used in non-real estate environments, but APIs have been gaining much wider acceptance within the property industry since the introduction of the REST Web API standard. This specific interface allowing programmers to turbocharge their operations while developing mobile apps, services, or websites.

When dealing specifically with the real estate market, APIs are seen as a valuable tool to access extensive property databases. As a general rule, the aforementioned databases are generated by a variety of providers in the real estate market. But not all data is created equally. It is critical to do your due diligence in determining the quality of the database owner.

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