Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar is an Geography and places Expert

Hello My name is Pradeep Narayan Madgaonkar. I love to Travel around the world, my favourite place till now has been Budapest, I never forget to bring my camera with me during my travel. As I really love photography, I love taking pictures along my journey. I love this place in Budapest known as Canal St. Martin. It is actually a river in the middle of the city. It has an amazing scenery during the day and night. There, we can ride a boat along it. It is so wonderful and people enjoy their time at the river. Not only that, there is a bridge along the river where it is a romantic place to propose. I have a friend who lives right across the river and from his place we can see the river bank and the parliament house during the night the place is so well lit it looks magnificent. It’s a must visit place and should be on every ones bucket list.