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Dr. Bill Releford

Dr. Bill J. Releford, D.P.M., a graduate of the Temple School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia, began his practice in 1990 and established the Diabetic Foot Institute, a facility dedicated exclusively to the reduction of diabetes-related amputations in high-risk populations. Dr. Releford is recognized both domestically and internationally as a leader in the field of diabetic limb preservation and wound care, and recently received prestigious awards from the Association of Black Cardiologists and the Regional Black Chamber of Commerce for his contributions to public health. Dr. Releford uses platelet-rich plasma therapy to treat diabetic neuropathy, foot injuries, and chronic non-healing wounds.

Dr. Bill Releford approach to Amputation prevention treatment Los Angeles is aggressive and comprehensive, coordinating traditional and advanced therapies and techniques that are proven to reduce healing time and improve healing rates.
Meanwhile, non-healing wounds rarely have a single cause, and we begin with a more in-depth evaluation and clinical experimentation to determine the root cause of the injury. A treatment plan is then established to give patients the best chance of treatment.

Amputation Prevention Center:

The Amputation Prevention Center at Releford Institute is a surgically focused inpatient and outpatient program designed specifically for patients at risk of diabetes, such as diabetic foot ulcers/infections and peripheral artery disease. Our aim at the amputation prevention center is to prevent low extremity amputation. Most leg amputations of the lower limbs are caused by ulcers that are a result of complications from diabetes

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