Perlite Ore Manufacturer Supplier in Gujarat, India

We are a leading producer and supplier of perlite ore.

Leading manufacturer and exporter of perlite products, including perlite, raw perlite, and perlite ore, from Ahmedabad.

Perlite ore is produced by magmatic processes, and the perlite matrix traps water over the course of geologic time. These minute pockets of water give perlite ore the rare ability to "pop" at the right high temperature conditions.

Comparatively speaking to other industrial minerals, every type of perlite ore has an extremely low or undetectable crystalline silica concentration. Normally, it is light grey in colour when it is untreated.

Perlite ore is a good choice for high-temperature applications due to its expansion and insulating qualities, which make it very useful in the steel and foundry sectors.

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