Nitrile Glove manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India from Pune

Buy Nitrile Gloves manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India from Pune, Maharashtra available at affordable rates. Sequra world are Nitrile Gloves manufacturers in India with high quality. Get the best deals on Nitrile Gloves suppliers in India.
Nitrile Gloves manufacturers, suppliers and dealers in India from Pune, Maharashtra. It is made of synthetic rubber which is also known as NBR. They are better than latex because they are high quality, stronger and long lasting. It is a synthetic alternative to the natural latex rubber. It has a lower rate of allergy than the latex gloves. Hence most of the industries are replacing latex gloves with this.
Benefits of Nitrile Gloves manufactured in India
Non Latex (Latex Free) – Contains no Natural rubber latex proteins, hence no allergy related issues.
Textured Finish on finger for better grip.
Soft, maximum comfort & fit, along with outstanding tactile sensitivity.
Excellent abrasion & puncture resistance.
Greater resistance to solvents, chemicals, body fluids, hydrocarbon oil & fats.
Gloves are used in different industries where the workplace and workers safety is a concern. Gloves keep human skin safe from the biohazardous pathogens i.e. bacteria, germs and viruses as well as chemicals, and other substances which may affect our skin. Nitrile gloves are now the necessary equipment for different industries i.e. industrial, medical, healthcare, chemical, and more. Industries use nitrile gloves as they are strong and long-lasting. It keeps workers safe from sharp objects. It protects your hand from cuts, bruises, piercing, and any other physical injuries.

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