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New Product Development: Desktop Tool vs On Cloud | Prescient

New Product Development: Desktop Tool vs On Cloud | Prescient

Submitted by • October 26, 2020

Prescient Technologies - We are an Engineering Software company working in CAD/PLM, Mathematical and Algorithmic software, and product development since 2000. While developing the new product "Desktop-based product or Cloud-based product?” is the most common question. And now all the traditional desktop products are moving to the cloud then it makes a lot of sense to give this question serious consideration. When we trace the origins of the Computer Aided Design system (CAD System). A mainframe was supposed to be the hardware. The software was primarily built by large corporations that could afford to operate mainframes and develop their CAD system. With time, the mainframe was supplanted by minicomputers and the CAD system became commercially available with a much affordable price tag. Later on, evolution in hardware brought about the microcomputer. Personal Computers and Unix workstations grew in popularity with companies and independent vendors, professionals alike.

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