Marble Polishing Services Faridabad

The unblemished beauty of a white, glistening floor makes a space elegant. From the Greeks to the Mughals, marble floors are the treasure troves of men of elegance, grace, and richness.

A newly laid marble flooring gleams with beauty. But, the nature of the rock is such that it stains easily, demanding regular upkeep. This is where marble polishing services are essential.

How often do you require marble polishing services?

Amount of Footfall

Regular mopping may remove dirt and some stains. With age and depending on the footfall, cleaning a marble floor to bring back its lost luster requires frequent professional assistance.

Type of Marble

Some marbles are softer, and some are harder. The softer ones require regular polishing as they scratch easily and dirt, grime, and sand fill up in the crevices.


A marble floor is porous. Stains seep in easily. Some of them can cause permanent damage. It is necessary to have a polish if you notice stains that are not coming off with a mop.

Marble Shining Time

Newly laid marble flooring shines for two to three years, depending on the footfall and regular upkeep. If you want a floor to last for 25 years, polishing every 2-3 years will give it a long life.

Once polished, sealing the marble floor is one way to prevent scratches and dirt from trickling in. It will preserve the shine in the long run. There are other ways professionals keep your marble floor shining for a long.