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Sam Taggart has been knocking doors since he was eleven years old

Sam Taggart CEO of D2D, Host of D2Dcon, Author of ABC’$ of Closing and D2Dplanner, and founder of the D2Duniversity a door to door sales training and consulting platform. Sam... Read More

Reef, River & Ruins Adventures Belize

Our goal is to provide a custom itinerary Belize tours and travel packages based on your interests and your schedule. We developed Reef, Ruins & River Adventures based on the... Read More

Plan special events, weddings, honeymoons, Party in Belize

Bella Vista Resort in San Pedro, Belize is located along the sandy beaches of Ambergris Caye, only 2.5 miles from the buzz of downtown San Pedro, the Bella Vista Resort... Read More

Empathy Animation can assist you with interfacing your audience in a manner that is complicated through the traditional visual specialized strategy. Viewers relate to energized characters uniquely to live-action people.... Read More