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Cucumber Training in Marathahalli
This selenium coaching, tailored to skilled developers and testers with substantial hypertext markup language and Java expertise, teaches attendees the way to automatize testing of internet application interfaces mistreatment Se with Java and Cucumber. Selenium may be a testing framework for internet applications, Java may be a artificial language which will be wont to automatize Se, and Cucumber may be a computer code tool for running automatic acceptance tests.

Most KRN Informatix courses square measure delivered as personal, customized, on-site coaching at our clients' locations worldwide for teams of three or a lot of attendees and square measure custom tailored to their specific desires. Please visit our shopper list to envision organizations for whom we've delivered personal in-house coaching. These courses may also be delivered as live, personal on-line categories for teams that square measure geographically spread or would like to avoid wasting on the instructor's or students' travel expenses. To receive a custom proposal and value quote for personal coaching at your website or on-line, please contact Us.