Is secondary market research an effective method?

Market research is broad concepts as it works on different modules & methodologies, the secondarily market research is one of the market research methods which is considered as the most efficient & cost effective method of research. Secondary research uses external sources to conduct the research, in short in many cases the researcher may not take a primary research approach instead of that they would prefer existing data from different sources.

Secondary research is considered as the most considered & cost effective method of research which also helps to conquer the primary research. Secondary research also known as desk research because its used refreshed existing data for various trusted sources such as:

Internet & web
Government sources
Financial journal
Data from libraries
Information from big institutions, etc.

In simple word, secondary market research involves any research conducted using external sources to helps conquer primary research. We aim to simplify market research outsourcing from both buyers as well as from suppliers by providing the best secondary research companies.


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