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International Dispute Settlement Paper

Submitted by • August 29, 2018

International Dispute Settlement PaperDevelop a short 3 page paper that describes the methods of international dispute settlement as described in Chapter Three of the textbook. Your paper must include the following: Describe the methods of international dispute settlement including the use of both diplomacy (alternative dispute resolution) and international tribunals (ICJ, WTO). Compare these methods to litigation used in municipal courts (domestic courts of sovereign nation-states). Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each method of international dispute resolution. Provide an opinion as to how these methods affect international trade and business decisions. You are encouraged to use Westlaw, which is available through the Ashford University Library. It is a research tool specific to the subject area of law. It contains legal articles, legal encyclopedias, journals, statutes, and written case law from the United States and Europe. Of course, other credible research sources wi

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