How to Make Notes for MPPSC Preparation?

Making your own notes is a crucial part of any exam and when I was preparing for MPPSC, I realized that it played a major role here too. As the MPPSC exam includes a vast array of subjects with a loose syllabus, it is very difficult to remember everything and impossible to go through the entire syllabus while revising. This is where effective NCERT notes for MPPSC preparation helps!
So, how to make notes for MPPSC? Let’s check out
How to Make Notes for MPPSC?
Note making for MPPSC exam preparation is an art because it is very important to know what to add and what not to add in your mppsc notes. When I started making my own notes, it was tough to understand what my notes should include and how they should be structured, but over time I got a hang of it.
There are a few strategies that I followed to make great notes. I would like to share them with you so that even you can use those strategies for MPPSC preparation and make your note-making task much easier.
Read Your Textbooks
Read your textbooks first and make jotting the second time you read them. Never go in for making jotting from the moment you start reading your textbooks. When you read your textbooks for the first time, don’t start making jotting there and then. For the first turn, just read the book and underline/ highlight the important things.
You are supposed to start making jotting when you start reading the books for MPPSC preparation for the second time. Second time reading will help you understand the important points of the chapter and the things you need to remember.
Make Bullet Points
This is a very important part of making notes for MPPSC exam preparation. Always keep in mind that the NCERT notes for MPPSC you make are in bullet form. They should be short points which are crisp and easy to understand.
Long paragraphs are a waste of time and it adds no extra value to the jotting. The way we write our notes is the way we also write in the exam. So, make sure that you write your jotting in the bulle

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