How Does The Popular Food Delivery App DoorDash Operate?

With food delivery apps like DoorDash, it is easy to explore a range of cuisines, restaurants, and menus at competitive pricing. Certainly, Doordash is one of the giants in food delivery creating buzz around these days.
According to reports presented by Forbes, on-demand food delivery services have seen a rise by almost 20% every year. It will generate revenue of around $365 billion by 2030.
Well, the reports also say that the food delivery business is facing tough competition in the market. So, if anyone is willing to enter the food delivery business and hire food delivery app development services, they should understand and learn from the achievements of DoorDash and how it managed to grab the first position in the food delivery niche in just 7 years after its foundation.
If you are among those who are curious to know how the DoorDash food delivery app operates read through the blog to know more.
About Doordash
Doordash operates in 4000 plus cities and has 340,000 plus stores all over the US & Canada. It was founded in the year 2013 and has generated $2.5 billion since its foundation.
How Does DoorDash Operate?
Just like other logistic-based on-demand start-up structures, DoorDash also started similarly. Let us look at how this food delivery service provider operates
Select Order

DoorDash Food Delivery App helps customers to navigate through menus and restaurants using filters like nearby restaurants and restaurants offering discounts etc.
Customers can create their order just by selecting the particular food items of their choice from their favorite restaurant.
Payment System

After placing the orders, users can move to the payment gateway and select from different payment methods to make the payment.
Track Order

Once the order is placed DoorDash sends it to the restaurant chosen by the user. The order is then received by the restaurant and the user can track the order status like packed, prepared, on its way, etc.
The delivery agent will pick the order and i

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