How Do You Choose From The 5 Colorways Of IPhone 13? (White)

iPhone 13 Starlight (White)

This is actually the evolution color of classic white. White is the softest and purest color, and is the eternal representative color of the light color family.

The lighter the color, the more stable and calm the psychological and emotional refraction response brought to the user, so the more durable the color expression effect.

When the user has mood swings in life, the darker the color will cause greater psychological refraction impact, aggravating the inner emotional reaction, the user's acceptance of the color will also decay down, and conversely the lighter the acceptance will be more durable.

So white is undoubtedly one of the most durable colors that can be used in all shades, never get tired of looking at it, the more durable it is.

When you encounter the color selection difficulties, indecisive, it is recommended to choose white directly, certainly not regret.

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