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Google Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Google Marketing VS Social Media Marketing

Submitted by • June 8, 2020

As a business owner, you may already have your website and Social Medias all set up and ready to go. But have you ever thought of which platform should you invest your marketing budget in? Is it on your website, or your social media? You may ask, why do you need marketing when you already have a website or a social media account set up, are they not already considered marketing for your business? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Without any marketing efforts, having a website or social media isn’t going to help you much at all. So, the question is should you focus on your website, social media or both? Most business owners have no clue on which platform to invest in simply because they have no time nor the resources to do their own research.

Here is an overview of what Google Marketing and Social Media Marketing entail –

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