Do you have multiple domain names? You can find out whether a domain name is of high value or not using Godaddy domain valuation.
Domains in real life can be likened to a plot of land and property built on that land can be likened to hosting. Even if you don't build any house, the vacant land still has a selling value, especially if it is strategically located.

The domain is also the same, even though it's only a domain without hosting or a blog, it still has a high selling value. Prices for domains like, or other well-known domains have fantastic prices that you may never have imagined.
That's just the price of the domain name, not including the website and it's really tempting so it's no wonder that some people try to register a cool domain name at a normal price and then auction it off at several domain name auction sites.

There are at least 2 types of valuable domains:
• Aged domain owned by a website that was once famous and had a lot of strong backlinks.
• A beautiful domain containing the name of a well-known business or brand.

Let's say someone manages many web businesses and you want to close one of them, maybe the website is no longer valuable but on the contrary a once popular domain has a high selling value.
How do you find out the price of a domain? You need an appraisal service to assess how high the potential price of your domain is.