Global Cool Roof Market – Forecast and Analysis (2020-2027)

Global Cool Roof Market is segmented by type, by product, by application and by Region. By type, low slope type held 58.09% market share in 2019 and is expected to keep its dominance over forecast period. Low sloped is mostly installed in commercial and industrial buildings. Depending on the design of a building and structural components, various techniques are used for steep-sloped and low-sloped roofs. In low-sloped systemsmaterials such as coated, foam, built-up roofing systems, modified bitumen, and single-ply membranes to reflect more solar energy into the atmosphere.By application, residential application segment is expected to dominate with xx% of market share over forecast period. Cool roofs provide comfort to the residential building by keeping the building cooler during hot summer months on account of properties such as high thermal emittance (TE) and solar reflectance (SR).

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