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FLY ASH Building & Construction Materials

Submitted by • October 4, 2018

Cementation is a kind of precipitation, a heterogeneous process in which the ions are reduced to zero valences at a solid metallic interface. Where the Fly ash acts as a core product of cementation. Fly ash is a by-product produced while the burning finely ground coal in a boiler state to produce the electricity. It is removed from the plan exhausted gases primarily be the electrostatic precipitators or baghouses and then secondarily by the different scrubber systems. If we think physically, then trust me the fly ash is a very fine powdery material, composed mostly of the silica.

As we heard before that fly ash is always been a core product of the cementation task and this is due to the following best qualities of fly ash –

- Fly ash is highly economical.
- Use of fly ash is environmentally friendly, as the waste materials from the building can be used to create the quality building materials.
- It consists of small particles which help in adding greater strength to the building

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