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Flue Gas Analyzer Market

Flue Gas Analyzer Market

Submitted by • March 27, 2019

Flue Gas Analyzer Market is expected to grow from USD 579.7 Billion in 2017 to USD 970.28 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 5.89% between 2017 and 2026. (Detailed analysis of the market CAGR is provided in the report)A flue gas analyzer is an analytical device that measures the concentration of different emitted gases from flue into the atmosphere. Flue gases contain gases such as carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen oxides which are exhausted from boilers, fireplace, and furnaces. Moreover, flue gas analyzers are also known as portable devices used to measure the air quality in buildings and rooms.

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