Brahmatal Trek | Trekking with Himalaya Shelter

Himalaya Shelter's Brahmatal trek offers a mesmerizing journey through the pristine landscapes of the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, India. This trek is renowned for its scenic beauty, encompassing a rich tapestry of snow-covered trails, dense oak and rhododendron forests, and expansive alpine meadows. As trekkers ascend, they are greeted with breathtaking views of towering Himalayan peaks, including the majestic Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti, which stand as sentinels over the horizon, providing a dramatic backdrop to the trek. The Brahmatal trek, named after the secluded Brahmatal Lake, holds a special allure with its serene, reflective waters surrounded by snow-laden trees in winter. This trek is unique in that it can be undertaken during the winter months, offering an opportunity to experience the Himalayas' tranquil, snow-clad beauty. The trail is dotted with charming campsites, each offering a unique vantage point to soak in the stunning vistas. From the initial ascent through the enchanting forests of Lohajung to the high-altitude campsites near Bekaltal and finally Brahmatal, the journey is a feast for the senses.