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Best tankless water heater

Best tankless water heater

Submitted by • May 11, 2020

VORDOSCH, best tankless water heater is an energy efficient hygienic and effective water heatingsolution.

Our Best tankless water heater is installed right at the point of use & it heats the water to the required temperature immediately & with a compact design it is very easy to install. Within a few moments giving a constant flow of hot water giving no room to Legionella bacteria to grow.

The water stored in storage water heaters creates Legionella bacteria which leads to grave health hazards. Storage type of water heaters require large volumes of water to be continuously heated for the purpose of thermal disinfection. Also, it consumes additional electricity unnecessarily,
particularly when the required usage is low. Long piping network and huge space requirement are the biggest downsides of storage water heaters.

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