best dry cleaning machine in india

Launmark India Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading laundry companies known for its superior services to various clients. Started in 2014 by Mr Joby KM, the company specialises in selling high-quality laundry machines for the best prices. Before starting his own venture, he was into selling industrial laundry machines to customers but the unorganised nature of this industry compelled Joby to realise his vision into the reality we all know now. The commercial laundry washing machines we provide are of the highest quality standards which makes them ideal for use in various sectors such as hospitals, hotels, laundromats, residential schools, special schools, gyms etc. Even with our highest quality, the prices of our machines are always in the affordable range. We currently have an excellent track record to the point that various clients have chosen our machinery for running their laundry businesses and have become profitable.