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Premier PTC Digital Twin Partner – Cadopt Technologies

Unlock innovation with PTC's cutting-edge technology platform, empowering global companies to thrive in the smart, connected world. Join hands with CADOpt Technologies, a premier PTC partner in Bangalore, India, to... Read More

Top Quality Toroidal Isolation Transformer – Indtrax

Safeguard your equipment and ensure clean power! Our top-of-the-line toroidal isolation transformers offer unmatched efficiency and reliable electrical isolation. Eliminate ground loops, reduce noise interference, and protect sensitive devices. Upgrade... Read More

Top-notch Current Sense Transformers -Indtrax industries

Indtrax Industries offers high-quality current sense transformers for accurate monitoring in diverse applications. Gain superior control over your electrical systems – optimize performance, prevent malfunctions, and ensure safety. Explore our... Read More

Leading PCB mounting current transformers – Indtrax

Enhance circuit design with our PCB-mountable current transformers! Experience seamless integration and precise current measurement without the need for bulky components. Indtrax provides a range of options perfectly customized to... Read More