Amid Rising Tensions with Twitter, Koo App India Rises in Popularity

he Government is searching for someone like…Koo.

Launched in early 2020, the Koo app’s primary pitches are its made-in-India-ness and its multilingualism. It aims to be the Indian Twitter.

In only a year’s time, Koo has enjoyed a meteoric rise. Today, it boasts over 3 million users. (For comparison: Twitter has 15 million users in India.)

Koo’s day in the sun came in recent weeks as relations between Twitter and the Indian Government soured. Millions of users thronged to open accounts on Koo.

But Koo has its share of controversies and concerns, not least of which are data secutiry and user privacy.

What is Koo? How does it work? Can it hold a candle to Twitter? And why is the Government angry with Twitter?

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