Ama Surendra Sae Odia Book By Surendra Sae

Surendra Sae (23 January 1809 – 28 February 1884) was an Indian progressive who consumed his time on earth battling contrary to English rule in India. Surendra Sae and his partners Madho Singh, Kunjal Singh, Airi Singh, Bairi Singh, Uddant Sai, Ujjal Sae, Khageswar Dao, Karunakar Singh, Salegram Bariha, Govind Singh, Pahar Singh, Rajee Ghasia, Kamal Singh, Hati Singh, Salik Slam Bariha, Loknath Panda/Gadtia, Mrutunjaya Panigrahi, Jagabandu Hota, Padmanave Master, Trilochan Panigrahi and numerous others cooperated and independently to counter English pioneer extension in India, keeping the English specialists from taking command over most of Western Odisha district for a critical timeframe. Antiquarians have noticed that Sae has gotten more historiographical consideration than those of his counterparts in their battle contrary to English rule. A large number of them were attempted and executed by the provincial specialists; Hatte Singh passed on in the Fume Island in the Andamans. Lion of Sambalpur Surendra Sai passed on in Asirgarh Prison on 28 February 1884.

Sae was brought into the world on 23 January 1809 in a town called Khinda around 40 km toward the north of Sambalpur, Odisha. He was one of the seven offspring of Dharma Singh. The family was important for the Sambalpur state administering clan.He had a place with the branch started by Anirudha Sai child of Madhekara Sai, leader of Sambalpur.